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By Bear Heiser

A Few Things I Think:

1. Baseball? Never in my life have I been less interested in baseball. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m up to my neck in football since launched, but wow, baseball isn’t anywhere on my radar. I tried watching a Yankees game earlier in the week and became so bored I forgot I was awake (figure that out).

2. Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh is a mental midgit. Have you ever seen an athlete cower from the spotlight in the ridiculous fashion of Bosh? Good god son, grow a pair. And grow your hair out, you look like a dinosaur. 

3. Can you imagine if Wade and Lebron decided to “take their talents to Chicago” instead of Miami? Oh my, combine those two with the league’s MVP Derrick Rose and winning seven or eight titles doesn’t sound as absurd as Lebron made it sound when he said it prior to the season.

4. The Philadelphia Eagles had better be careful with the “messages” they’re sending in regards to backup quarterback Kevin Kolb. If they get too cocky and demand too high of a price, bidders could scare faster than Ochocinco’s bull riding escapade. Andy Reid couldn’t have scripted the whole Vick/Kolb situation any better than it played out naturally. Don’t waste house money.

5. Why the heck do the majority of my favorite television shows get cancelled! What does that say about me! I’m getting so frustrated with watching every week knowing it will just end up cancelled because the majority of TV execs couldn’t run a network on auto-pilot. Just a few examples of what I’m talking about. ABC: Detroit 1-8-7, The Whole Truth, Better With You, Mr. Sunshine, Brothers & Sisters, FX: Terriers, Fox: Arrested Development (Yup, still pissed about that one, but can you blame me?), The Good Guys, NBC: Parenthood. 

6. As for the NHL playoffs, I’d like any team not named the Vancouver Canucks to take Lord Stanley’s Cup. Roberto Luongo and Chris Bosh are on the same level of mental toughness. 

7. Can we all just agree that ESPN’s Colin Cowherd should be muzzled immediately? On Friday, when taking his radio show to break, announced that the Chicago Cubs had fired GM Jim Hendry, when in fact, they hadn’t. Cowherd is approaching the Glenn Beck level of annoyance and ignorance, just on a different level.

8. Happy birthday Dad, I love you!

That’s all I got for now. Thanks for listening. Peace out.



I’ve spend the past two days catching up with former Chicago Sun-Times and ESPN employee Jay Mariotti via Jason Whitlock’s podcast.

After listening to the second part of the interview, I decided to take to to see if they had any comment on Mariotti since he mildly took them to task. Lucky for me, they did.

And that something was said by one Emma Carmichael.

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BearConsults is on Hiatus

Hey folks. BearConsults will be on hiatus for a while so I can focus all my time on I’ve partnered with a few other writers to build this new hub for NFL & College Football news, talk, and opinion.

I hope you can take a moment to check it out. Don’t be shy with the feedback.

Peace out,


Mike Holmgren may have gotten “his guy”, but let me tell ya, “his guy” is a fraud. Has everyone forgotten the Rams lackluster performance against the Seahawks in Week 17? The result should be a direct reflection on Pat Shurmur.

Yes, the Rams may have won more games in 2010 than the three previous seasons.

Yes, Shurmur may have coached Sam Bradford to a Rookie-of-the-Year award win.

Yes, the Rams offense was ravaged by injuries.

Now, please forget ALL OF THAT because it means nothing!

Let me put the year in perspective. Here’s a look at some key offensive numbers that are down right offensive. View full article »


Welcome to the Daily Rundown! This is where I’m at right now in the sports world.

In today’s edition, I talk King James, the worst sports franchise of 2010, and a few other things that caught my eye today.



Lebron James Trashes the Cavs……..Again! So now it’s my turn.

I appreciate the fact that ‘Bron’s embracing the “villain” label most of the nation has given him, but come on man–get a grip.

James took to Twitter after the Cavaliers 55-point loss to the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night.

“Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!” – @kingjames

Let’s set the record straight here @kingjames. Whether you left Cleveland gracefully, or egotistically, the Cavs would suck the same. So, karma has nothing to do with this.

Until you win a title or two, or perhaps win 73 games in a season, you really have no right to talk sh*t.

If you don’t win the title this year, you will be just the like Cavs–a loser.


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Since I’m in the holiday spirit, I’d like to continue the giving and share a few of my thoughts on the Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger debacle.

Roger Goodell was supposed to be a breath of fresh air for the NFL, and–until now–I thought he was. But, his ignorance to the issue at hand is overwhelming. Sterger should not be denied her rights as a woman, and more importantly, as a human being. View full article »

Isaac Bruce spent 14 years in a Los Angeles/St. Louis Rams uniform. He’s been with the Rams at their highest and lowest points. Playoff berths, division titles, conference titles and even a Super Bowl victory.

A few days ago I had the opportunity to talk with Isaac about the work he’s doing with the “Take it to the House” campaign, concussions, the 2010 Rams, Sam Bradford and his thoughts on a variety of other topics.

No better person to hear from at this point in the season than a guy who’s been through it all. View full article »

Zoom KobeVI Christmas day shoe

If you haven’t heard, Kobe Bryant has a few shoes that will be dropping soon. A white one (home), a black one (away), and a green one (Christmas). Andy Miguel, who is Kobe’s brand manager at Nike invited me to the Staples Center for the Bucks-Lakers game to talk about the new Zoom KobeVI shoes and the brand spankin new Nike Vault that’s opening on Christmas day. The Vault is a store that has essentially become a shrine to No. 24.

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You gotta check this out. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. If you’re stressed out from holiday shopping or because you’re broke and can’t shop, I say enjoy!

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When will Terrell Owens get it? Is there a bigger ego-maniac in the NFL? It’s got to be either Favre or Owens, who you got?
Instead of trying to bring a positive light to his career during the Summer of rejection, a.k.a. the Summer of 2010, TO spent the better part complaining to anyone who would listen about how he’s misunderstood. View full article »