Since I’m in the holiday spirit, I’d like to continue the giving and share a few of my thoughts on the Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger debacle.

Roger Goodell was supposed to be a breath of fresh air for the NFL, and–until now–I thought he was. But, his ignorance to the issue at hand is overwhelming. Sterger should not be denied her rights as a woman, and more importantly, as a human being.

To my knowledge, Sterger went to Goodell and the NFL first as a courtesy. Over the years I’ve paid attention to many sexual harassment cases, and I’m pretty sure she has enough evidence to sue and win more than the 50k. Favre and Sterger were both employees of the Jets, employees of the same company. Whether Favre is cooperating with the investigation or not, the pictures still exist, the messages still exist. A case exists.

Maybe I’m wrong, or maybe I’m not, but it seems that Sterger gave Goodell an easy out and he failed to take it.

Let’s pretend for a minute that Brett Favre and Jenn Sterger are employees at your local MacDonald’s. Brett flips burgers and Jenn is the drive through girl in this example.

It just so happens that Jenn tells her manager, Roger, that  Brett  has been making advances toward her by sending pictures of his penis via text message. Shortly after, Jenn provides proof of her accusations to her boss.

Do you really think that Brett wouldn’t lose his job and likely be taken to task in court? Men in the workplace have been fired for as little as placing an unwanted hand at the small of woman’s back. OK, we’re done pretending now.

Aren’t we minimizing what was done here?

Quite frankly, I’m insulted by Favre’s stupidity. Excuse me for a moment, or shall I say, earmuffs. What an entitled asshole Favre has become. It’s not enough that he holds NFL fans hostage every offseason by playing coy about whether or not he’s going to play football again. If she wanted to see his penis, I’m sure she would’ve asked! She has the right to not have a man send her pictures of his penis. How arrogant does one man have to be? Say what you want about Terrell Owens, the guy is just as arrogant, but at least he’s real.

It’s safe to take the earmuffs off now.

In my opinion, this is really a setback for women in sports. Sterger’s allegations should have been taken seriously, and they weren’t. Fifty-thousand dollars is throw-away money to a man of Favre’s status.

MSNBC’s Darren Rovell had this to say via tweet on Wednesday, “Brett Favre makes $11,373 per minute of every game. That means he’s only giving up 4 1/2 MINUTES OF PAY for Sterger fine.”

That should tell you just how serious Roger Goodell views sexual harassment.

That’s all I have for now. Till next time friends.

Don’t like what I have to say? Comment below. I’m not scared.

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