By Bear Heiser

A Few Things I Think:

1. Baseball? Never in my life have I been less interested in baseball. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m up to my neck in football since launched, but wow, baseball isn’t anywhere on my radar. I tried watching a Yankees game earlier in the week and became so bored I forgot I was awake (figure that out).

2. Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh is a mental midgit. Have you ever seen an athlete cower from the spotlight in the ridiculous fashion of Bosh? Good god son, grow a pair. And grow your hair out, you look like a dinosaur. 

3. Can you imagine if Wade and Lebron decided to “take their talents to Chicago” instead of Miami? Oh my, combine those two with the league’s MVP Derrick Rose and winning seven or eight titles doesn’t sound as absurd as Lebron made it sound when he said it prior to the season.

4. The Philadelphia Eagles had better be careful with the “messages” they’re sending in regards to backup quarterback Kevin Kolb. If they get too cocky and demand too high of a price, bidders could scare faster than Ochocinco’s bull riding escapade. Andy Reid couldn’t have scripted the whole Vick/Kolb situation any better than it played out naturally. Don’t waste house money.

5. Why the heck do the majority of my favorite television shows get cancelled! What does that say about me! I’m getting so frustrated with watching every week knowing it will just end up cancelled because the majority of TV execs couldn’t run a network on auto-pilot. Just a few examples of what I’m talking about. ABC: Detroit 1-8-7, The Whole Truth, Better With You, Mr. Sunshine, Brothers & Sisters, FX: Terriers, Fox: Arrested Development (Yup, still pissed about that one, but can you blame me?), The Good Guys, NBC: Parenthood. 

6. As for the NHL playoffs, I’d like any team not named the Vancouver Canucks to take Lord Stanley’s Cup. Roberto Luongo and Chris Bosh are on the same level of mental toughness. 

7. Can we all just agree that ESPN’s Colin Cowherd should be muzzled immediately? On Friday, when taking his radio show to break, announced that the Chicago Cubs had fired GM Jim Hendry, when in fact, they hadn’t. Cowherd is approaching the Glenn Beck level of annoyance and ignorance, just on a different level.

8. Happy birthday Dad, I love you!

That’s all I got for now. Thanks for listening. Peace out.