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Welcome to the Daily Rundown! This is where I’m at right now in the sports world.

In today’s edition, I talk King James, the worst sports franchise of 2010, and a few other things that caught my eye today.



Lebron James Trashes the Cavs……..Again! So now it’s my turn.

I appreciate the fact that ‘Bron’s embracing the “villain” label most of the nation has given him, but come on man–get a grip.

James took to Twitter after the Cavaliers 55-point loss to the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday night.

“Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!” – @kingjames

Let’s set the record straight here @kingjames. Whether you left Cleveland gracefully, or egotistically, the Cavs would suck the same. So, karma has nothing to do with this.

Until you win a title or two, or perhaps win 73 games in a season, you really have no right to talk sh*t.

If you don’t win the title this year, you will be just the like Cavs–a loser.


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Zoom KobeVI Christmas day shoe

If you haven’t heard, Kobe Bryant has a few shoes that will be dropping soon. A white one (home), a black one (away), and a green one (Christmas). Andy Miguel, who is Kobe’s brand manager at Nike invited me to the Staples Center for the Bucks-Lakers game to talk about the new Zoom KobeVI shoes and the brand spankin new Nike Vault that’s opening on Christmas day. The Vault is a store that has essentially become a shrine to No. 24.

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OK–before I say anything, take your pick and don’t waver:  Blake Griffin or John Wall?

Did you at all struggle with the decision? It’s tough, I know. On one hand lies a human-highlight film and on the other hand you have an electric passer that moves and shakes with a half-decent jump-shot. This may wind up being the hottest Rookie of the Year race since the 79-80 season with Larry Legend and the Magic Man. One things for sure though, neither one of them will play in the finals as the boys of ’79 did, heck they may not even make the postseason. Continue reading