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Mike Holmgren may have gotten “his guy”, but let me tell ya, “his guy” is a fraud. Has everyone forgotten the Rams lackluster performance against the Seahawks in Week 17? The result should be a direct reflection on Pat Shurmur.

Yes, the Rams may have won more games in 2010 than the three previous seasons.

Yes, Shurmur may have coached Sam Bradford to a Rookie-of-the-Year award win.

Yes, the Rams offense was ravaged by injuries.

Now, please forget ALL OF THAT because it means nothing!

Let me put the year in perspective. Here’s a look at some key offensive numbers that are down right offensive. Continue reading


ESPN should be ashamed of themselves! What’s the deal with taping Cam Newton’s Heisman interview ahead of time? Why not make him stand and face the lights, awkward¬†or not.

That’s what he’s done all season on the field. Why change now? Why not force him to answer the hard-hitting questions while accepting one of the most¬†glorious awards in sports? It makes for great TV. Continue reading