Week 15 power rankings for the 2010 NFL regular season are here.

Many changes have been made with teams falling and rising as this NFL season has seen week in and week out.

Without further delay, here are the updates for the Week 15 NFL power rankings.

32. Denver Broncos 3-10

Previously Ranked: 29

Week 14: 43-14 loss at Arizona

How good can Tim Tebow really be? Kyle Orton completed less than 50% of his passes and threw three picks while the chosen one held the clipboard.

Next up: at Oakland

Denver has nothing to play for at this point. Reason enough for me not to pay attention.

31. Carolina Panthers 1-12

Previously Ranked: 31

Week 14: 31-10 loss to Atlanta

The Panthers rushed for 212 yards in the game. Pretty good ‘eh? Too bad they only had 288 total yards on the day. #toobadsosad

Next up: Arizona

If I were the Panthers, I’d bring back Brian St. Pierre back to start the remainder of the season under center. At least that way they’re pretty much guaranteed to get Luck-y.

30. Tennessee Titans 5-8

Previously Ranked: 30

Week 14: 30-28 loss to Indianapolis

The seasons over for the Titans. The Jeff Fischer era may be over as well. Nice to see Chris Johnson back over 100 yards for the first time since Week 11.

Next up: Houston

I hope Randy Moss holds his head in shame when he cashes his ginormous paychecks. #richguywhosucks

29. Cincinnati Bengals 2-11

Previously Ranked: 27

Week 14: 23-7 loss at Pittsburgh

This is what Terrell Owens had to say following the game:

“I can’t throw the ball to myself. I can’t do anything else. All I can do is go with the plays that are called and just hope I get some opportunities.”

Who had Week 14 in the Terrell Owens blowup pool? #BIGWINNER

Next up: Cleveland

28. Arizona Cardinals 4-9

Previously Ranked: 32

Week 14: 43-14 win over Denver

Hopefully Tim Hightower’s 148 yards and two scores will provide enough motivation for the Cards to give up on the oft-injured Beanie Wells.

Next up: at Carolina

Arizona is within a stones throw of the lead in the NFC West. This game actually matters, which is kind of ridiculous.

27. Detroit Lions 3-10

Previously Ranked: 28

Week 14: 7-3 win over Green Bay

What if somehow the Lions end up with the leagues worst record and the number one pick? What do they do? Get Lucky? Pull a Matt Millen and draft another wideout? That would be quite the predicament.

Next up: at Tampa Bay

Two words: No chance.

26. Washington Redskins 5-8

Previously Ranked: 26

Week 14: 17-16 loss to Tampa Bay

The ‘Skins left seven points on the field in the form of two missed short field goals and a botched extra point attempt in the final seconds. According to Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com, Mike Shanahan’s seat warmer has been turned on. That’s not a good sign for Donovan McNabb. No way he stays if Shanny goes.

Next up: at Dallas

I’m willing to bet the farm the Redskins lose by 20.

25. Buffalo Bills 3-10

Previously Ranked: 25

Week 14: 13-6 win over Cleveland

Fred Jackson and the Bills ground game rushed for 192 yards in Sunday’s win over Cleveland. As a team the Browns only had 187 total yards. #epicfail

Next up: at Miami

I’d like Buffalo and the under please.

24. San Francisco 49ers 5-8

Previously Ranked: 24

Week 14: 40-21 win over Seattle

What a huge win for the 49ers! The two teams they’re chasing(STL, SEA) both lost which leaves them only one game back of the top spot in the NFC West.

Next up: at San Diego

Alex Smith will have his hands full with arguably the top defense in the league.

23. Seattle Seahawks 6-7

Previously Ranked: 23

Week 14: 40-21 loss at San Francisco

Just how bad are the Seahawks? They’ve given up 30 or more in six games this season, all losses. #thatshowbad

Next up: Atlanta

Make it seven games they’ve given up 30 or more. This one won’t be close.

22. Houston Texans 5-8

Previously Ranked: 22

Week 14: 34-28 loss to Baltimore

How many days till Kubiak gets the axe? I set the over/under at 30 days and I want the under.

Next up: at Tennessee

21. Oakland Raiders 6-7

Previously Ranked: 21

Week 14: 38-31 loss at Jacksonville

The Raiders missed a chance to capitalize on the Chiefs misfortune of losing Matt Cassel for a few weeks. Inconsistent football has been killing the Raiders all season. Hope for the playoffs is no more.

Next up: Denver

I’m setting the over/under for Darren McFadden rushing yards at 125, and you’d better believe I’m taking the over.

20. Miami Dolphins 7-6

Previously Ranked: 20

Week 14: 10-6 win at New York Jets

Chad Henne and Co. were out-gained 280-131 but they didn’t let that stop them from winning thanks to three Jets’ turnovers. The Dolphins have now won six games on the road to only one at home. #WTF

Next up: Buffalo

Odds are not in favor of a Miami victory.

19. Minnesota Vikings 5-8

Previously Ranked: 19

Week 14: 21-3 loss at Minnesota in Detroit

Since when did the NFL’s iron man become a figure head for a bad team? Please send Brett Favre home ASAP.

Next up: Chicago

The only way the Vikes win this game is if they can somehow make the dome collapse on the Bears. Yeah I said it!

18. Cleveland Browns 5-8

Previously Ranked: 18

Week 14: 13-6 loss at Buffalo

Where’s Colt McCoy when you need him? He’s 2-3 as a starter with wins over New England and New Orleans by a combined 33 points. Jake Delhomme is no longer a started in this league. I would have thought the Mangenious would have recognized that by now. There’s gotta be someone better than him that can hand the ball off 35 times.

Next up: at Cincinnati

The outcome hinges on who starts at quarterback for the Browns. McCoy=win, Delhomme=loss.

17. St. Louis Rams 6-7

Previously Ranked: 17

Week 14: 31-13 loss at New Orleans

This loss truly means nothing. The Rams still lead the NFC West because of the tiebreaker edge they hold over Seattle. Odds are these two teams meet again in the first round of the playoffs, except this time the game will be played in St. Louie.

Next up: Kansas City

The Chiefs are a one dimensional team when Matt Cassel isn’t under center. All the Rams need to do in order to win this game is stop Jamaal Charles.

16. Dallas Cowboys 4-9

Previously Ranked: 16

Week 14: 30-27 loss to Philadelphia

Jason Garrett has proven himself worthy. I’d be shocked if he isn’t the head coach come next season.

Next up: Washington

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 8-5

Previously Ranked: 15

Week 14: 17-16 win at Washington

For a while it seemed like neither team wanted to win the game. The Bucs were lucky that the ‘Skins left two field goals and one extra point on the field. Raheem Morris needs to get his boys amped up for the playoff run soon or there won’t be one at all.

Next up: Detroit

A meeting of once familiar foes.

14. Kansas City Chiefs 8-5

Previously Ranked: 8

Week 14: 31-0 loss at San Diego

Jamaal Charles needs to be better than the season low he put up against San Diego

Next up: at St. Louis

13. Indianapolis Colts 7-6

Previously Ranked: 14

Week 14: 30-28 win at Tennessee

Peyton Manning gave his naysayers a collective FU by throwing for 319 yards and two touchdowns.

Next up: Jacksonville

The biggest game of the Colts season comes against the Jaguars. Does that say more about the Colts or the Jags?

12. San Diego Chargers 7-6

Previously Ranked: 13

Week 14: 31-0 win over Kansas City

This wasn’t a fair fight. Not even a little bit. Now is when the Chargers make their run.

Next up: San Francisco

I predict the Chargers will be top dogs in the AFC West after this week.

11. Jacksonville Jaguars 8-5

Previously Ranked: 12

Week 14: 38-31 win over Oakland

Maurice Jones-Drew rushed for over 100 yards for the sixth straight week. On a side note, backup running back Rashad Jennings is not to be messed with–unless you want two running backs to punch it for over 100 yards. #pickyourpoison

Next up: at Indianapolis

The biggest game of the season for both parties.

10. New York Jets 9-4

Previously Ranked: 10

Week 14: 10-6 loss to Miami

The Jets are an embarrassment to the league. Don’t really have anything else to say.

Next up: at Pittsburgh

Instead of firing Sal Alosi like they should have, they suspended him for the rest of the season. That said, the Jets are once again the most hated team in the NFL. All the good press Hard Knocks brought them is now gone with the wind.

9. Baltimore Ravens 9-4

Previously Ranked: 11

Week 14: 34-28 win over Baltimore

Attn Ravens fans:

Joe Flacco looked like a deer in headlights when the game was on the line. The Ravens may have nine wins, but I still think they’re in trouble.

Next up: New Orleans

8. New York Giants 9-4

Previously Ranked: 9

Week 14: 21-3 win at Minnesota in Detroit

The Giants gained 213 yards on the ground for a 7.6 yards per carry average. If they can keep that up they’ll be unstoppable.

Next up: Philadelphia

I take that back, the Giants could rush for over 200 yards and still lose. That’s how good the Eagles are.

7. Green Bay Packers 8-5

Previously Ranked: 7

Week 14: 7-3 loss at Detroit

Mr. Rodgers may not know where his neighborhood is after the concussion he suffered in Sunday’s game. The Pack will struggle immensely if he’s out for a long period of time. #helpwanted

Next up: at New England

I don’t even want to imagine what the Patriots would do to an Aaron Rodgers-less Packer team.

6. Chicago Bears 9-4

Previously Ranked: 4

Week 14: 36-7 loss to New England

One word comes to mind: abomination. Da Bears have been a lackluster football team at home, something that needs to change for them to make a run to the postseason.

Next up: at Minnesota on Monday Night Football

How cool would it have been to see the MetroDOOM roof collapse while the game was going on, players running for cover, fans screaming in terror, snow falling everywhere. OK maybe it isn’t that funny. #butidigress

5. New Orleans Saints 10-3

Previously Ranked: 5

Week 14: 31-13 win over St. Louis

I hope the Saints took notes because this matchup is likely to happen again in the postseason.

Next up: at Baltimore

With the way the Saints are playing the Ravens don’t stand to fair very well. #overratedravens

4. Pittsburgh Steelers 10-3

Previously Ranked: 3

Week 14: 23-7 win over Cincinnati

Big Ben is going to get killed if the line doesn’t start doing a better job–injuries or not.

Next up: New York Jets

3. Philadelphia Eagles 9-4

Previously Ranked: 6

Week 14: 30-27 win at Dallas

Anyone notice the large chip that’s growing on the shoulder of Mike Vick? All the cheap shots hits he’s taken are starting to wear on him

Next up: at New York Giants

The Eagles are 5-1 over the last six games and have racked up at least 25 points in each. That’s fairly impressive.

2. Atlanta Falcons 11-2

Previously Ranked: 2

Week 14: 31-10 win at Carolina

Another solid performance from the Falcons. I’ve been waiting for them to slip but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen anytime soon, unless they have to play in Pennsylvania where they are 0-2.

Next up: at Seattle

Part of me thinks this is a trap game because it’s being playing in Seattle. I should know better though after seeing how bad the Seahawks played against San Fran.

1. New England Patriots 11-2

Previously Ranked: 1

Week 14: 36-7 win at Chicago

I’m going to go out on a limb for a second so bare with me. I truly believe that Tom Brady is playing better because he has long hair. OK stop judging for a minute and hear me out. Brady has always been the every-mans quarterback. He’s won three super bowls, a super model wife, and I’m sure a boat load of other super things too. Over the years it’s been difficult to find faults in him off the field or on it. But for one reason or another the world has become infatuated with his “Justin Bieber” haircut. He seems to be taking the criticism personally because why else would he keep an ugly mop on his head?


Next up: Green Bay on Sunday Night Football

Game means less to New England than it does to Green Bay.