Of all the ways to try to cheat, the Jets showed us a new one during their matchup with the Dolphins. During a punt return, a member of the Jets who was wearing team warm-ups stuck his left knee out as Dolphins’ special teamer Nolan Carroll ran by. The contact derailed Carroll’s momentum and put him to the ground. Luckily for everyone involved, Carroll wasn’t injured on the play.

The guilty party? Strength & conditioning coach Sal Alosi. I’d be very surprised if Alosi has a job come Monday, knowing Rex Ryan. If there’s one thing Ryan hates, it’s being embarrassed. No doubt he will heavily weigh in on the issue. Pun intended.

I’ve never seen anything like this before in the NFL, and quite frankly the entire situation really irks me. Talk about a defenseless player. To me, it’s just as bad as a hit to the head. It’s as busch league as it gets.

While the Jets were busy losing to the lowly Dolphins, Tom Brady was busy throwing for 369 yards and two touchdowns in the Patriots 36-7 win over the Bears in sub-zero temps.


*Special thanks to chardotcom for the video.