ESPN should be ashamed of themselves! What’s the deal with taping Cam Newton’s Heisman interview ahead of time? Why not make him stand and face the lights, awkward or not.

That’s what he’s done all season on the field. Why change now? Why not force him to answer the hard-hitting questions while accepting one of the most glorious awards in sports? It makes for great TV.

Now I don’t necessarily enjoy awkward moments on television but that doesn’t mean that I don’t keep my eyes open while turning my head. Awkward moments in front of a live studio audience can actually be awkwardly amazing. You just have to give it a chance.

Any way you look at it, ESPN is doing just what everybody else has done when dealing with Newton, bend over and grab ankles.

The world was so quick to jump on Reggie Bush for things he and his family did while at USC. Again, why the change now? What happened to guilty until proven innocent?

Because that’s what controversy and accusations have turned into in the world of sports. The funny thing is that the system generally works. They are guilty more often than not.

How is everyone so sure that the shy, spotlight loving Newton was unaware of his fathers dealings with power brokers for Mississippi State University? It just doesn’t add up, no matter how many different ways you try.

Newton is guilty as sin and the ignorance by so many is astounding! Let me remind you of the “integrity” clause in the Heisman’s mission statement.

It reads like this, “The Heisman Memorial Trophy annually recognizes the outstanding college football player whose performance best exhibits the pursuit of excellence with integrity.”

How has Newton shown integrity? Someone, please enlighten me. Cecil Newton, please use the powers of God to enlighten me. These allegations aren’t fabricated. They are very much real, and because of that, questions should be raised. Fair or not. It’s just the way it is.

If everybody is so certain that Cam is innocent, then why all the protection? Why did the SEC suspend him the week prior to the SEC title game, to then re-instate a few days later.

I’ve had bowel movements that have lasted long that his suspension. What changed in that short amount of time? Did magical evidence appear that exonerates him? I highly doubt it.

I wonder if he escapes more sacks off the field than on. Nobody can bring him down.

The bottom line here is that Newton should NOT win the Heisman trophy. With the evidence that exists I don’t know how anybody in their right mind can think he’s deserving of such an award.

For those who defend him by saying that college athletes shouldn’t be penalized for taking money, I call bullshit.

If Newton received money you can be certain it improved his life in some form or another.

I scoff when I hear people say that taking money doesn’t improve an athletes performance on the field. So here’s this: I’m a broke student athlete on full scholarship, hating my life because I’m broke and can’t afford to do anything other than go to class and play football.

But then I get money and in turn become a happier and more fulfilled human being. Isn’t that what money does, buy happiness? That’s what they say, at least.

Maybe after the ceremony we should give Cecil the father of the year award. He’s managed to beat the system, something Bush and his parents failed to do.

If Newton is indeed voted the winner of the Heisman, why not repurpose the one Bush gave back? Don’t worry about paying for return postage though, I’m sure he’s got it.


You’ve heard my opinion, now I want to hear yours. Please feel free to start the discussion below.

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