OK–before I say anything, take your pick and don’t waver:  Blake Griffin or John Wall?

Did you at all struggle with the decision? It’s tough, I know. On one hand lies a human-highlight film and on the other hand you have an electric passer that moves and shakes with a half-decent jump-shot. This may wind up being the hottest Rookie of the Year race since the 79-80 season with Larry Legend and the Magic Man. One things for sure though, neither one of them will play in the finals as the boys of ’79 did, heck they may not even make the postseason.

Griffin and Wall were back-to-back No. 1 overall picks. Griffin is only considered a rookie this year because he suffered a knee injury in the Clippers’ final exhibition game last year. Hard to feel bad for the guy though, the start of his NBA career couldn’t really get any better. Maybe a few more wins but that’s about it.

As for Wall, he’s missed seven games because of a nagging ankle injury, but he’s fresh this season from the point-guard guru John Calipari. On a side note, has any coach of late had greater success developing point guards than Calipari? In the past three seasons alone he’s had Derrick Rose, Eric Bledsoe and John Wall–but I digress.

Anyway–getting back to the comparison. Here are some key stats to look at:

Griffin had scored a double-double in 16 of 23 games this season and most-impressively in 10 straight. Wall has six double d’s in 14 games played.

Griffin’s averaging 20 points per game(PPG) which pairs nicely with the 11.7 rebounds. As for Wall, he’s at 17.4 PPG, nine dimes, and is second in the league in steals.

What’s most impressive about the two is how smooth the offense run through them. I’ve seen Blake give a quick nod to Eric Bledsoe at mid-court, essentially saying, “Hey just throw it up there and I’ll get it.” He plays like Antonio Gates does in the red-zone. Could you imagine Griffin the NFL playing tight-end? Oh man that would be sick.

Wall’s quickness allows him to keep the defense on its heels most of the time he’s out there. He may be one of the quickest guys end-to-end in the league. Get off balance while defending him and he’ll break ankles.

The two rookies are hands down the best players on their respective teams. One thing both of their games lack is any semblance of help. Both the Clippers and Wizards have a LONG way to go before they’ll seriously be considered as teams to beat.

They may play for abismal teams, but believe you me, Blake Griffin and John Wall are worth the price of admission.

Now that you’ve read what I have to say, I want to know: Which one are you paying to see?