Well I think it’s safe to say we have a clear-cut favorite to win the NFL MVP. Can it really be anyone other than Tom Brady? In the past four games he’s thrown 13 touchdowns and zero interceptions. The guy is a freak of nature.

The MVP may be clear but the standings are murkier than ever. Only one of the eight division leaders has a lead of two games or more. The other seven divisions are either tied or separated by one game. That’s going to make for great football down the stretch.

Three huge games to watch in Week 14:

New England at Chicago

The Bears have nine wins and even more naysayers. This is their chance to show the rest of the league they can win big games against the best.

St. Louis at New Orleans

If the Rams don’t win the West, they’ll win a lottery pick. The Saints are playing for home-field advantage. They need all the wins they can gather down the stretch so a playoff game in Atlanta doesn’t happen.

Kansas City at San Diego

The Chargers are playing for their season in Week 14. If KC wins, all they have to do is hold off the Raiders and they’ll rush their way into the playoffs.

And now what you’ve all been waiting for: The greatest Week 14 Power Rankings in the history of the world. #YeahISaidIt

32. Arizona Cardinals 3-9

Previously Ranked: 32

Week 13: 19-6 loss to St. Louis

The Cards went through three different quarterbacks in the loss to the Rams. I feel confident in saying that the quarterback of the future is not currently on Arizona’s roster. They’d best get cracking on that ASAP.

What’s the over/under on number of days until Larry Fitzgerald demands a trade? I set the number at 80 days. Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Next up: Denver

With all the instability within the Broncos right now, a win here isn’t inconceivable.

31. Carolina Panthers 1-11

Previously Ranked: 31

Week 13: 31-14 loss at Seattle

If I were a free agent running back I wouldn’t sign with Carolina. All four RBs on the roster have missed games due to injury this season. Something has to be up for that to keep happening.

Kind of hard to win games when your quarterback is clueless and your tailbacks are all banged up. Those two things don’t mix well.

Next up: Does it really matter?

30. Tennessee Titans 5-7

Previously Ranked: 30

Week 13: 17-6 loss to Jacksonville

Randy Moss doesn’t look like he belongs in the league anymore. He’s slow, careless, selfish, emotionless and best of all, worthless to all.

Next up: Indianapolis on Thursday Night Football

The Colts are banged up no doubt, but let’s be real here–the Titans don’t stand a chance.

29. Denver Broncos 3-9

Previously Ranked: 28

Week 13: 10-6 loss at Kansas City

Josh McDaniels? More like Josh McDONEials.

Next up: at Arizona

The battle of who cares.

28. Detroit Lions 2-10

Previously Ranked: 29

Week 13: 24-20 loss to Chicago

The Lions have lost three games this season because of poor officiating. That really sucks.

Next up: Green Bay

27. Cincinnati Bengals 2-10

Previously Ranked: 27

Week 13: 34-30 loss to New Orleans

Two things you can count on from the Bengals: 1. Carson Palmer will suck inside two minutes in the fourth quarter. 2. A defensive implosion with the game on the line. Poor Marvin Lewis. The poor guy can’t catch a break.

Next up: Pittsburgh

How brutal is this? The Bengals final four games are as follows: at Pittsburgh, Cleveland, San Diego, at Baltimore. #Ouch

26. Washington Redskins 5-7

Previously Ranked: 24

Week 13: 31-7 loss at New York Giants

Donovan McNabb looks like he’s checked out. Maybe he should, they need to save him for next season.

Next up: Tampa Bay

Josh Freeman reminds me a lot of Donovan McNabb. Agree? Respond in comments section.

25. Buffalo Bills 2-10

Previously Ranked: 20

Week 13: 38-14 loss at Minnesota

Gonna make this quick. No team can lose four fumbles and win. The Bills moved one step closer to Andrew Luck.

Next up: Cleveland

24. San Francisco 49ers 4-8

Previously Ranked: 26

Week 13: 34-16 loss at Green Bay

Troy Smith needs to complete more than 40% of his passes if the Niners expect to win games without Frank Gore. He was pretty awful against the Pack.

Next up: Seattle

One more loss and the season is officially over. Pretty sad that I’m saying that about a 4-8 team. #NFCWORST

23. Seattle Seahawks 6-6

Previously Ranked: 25

Week 13: 31-14 win over Carolina

Marshawn Lynch returned from obscurity to score three touchdowns on the ground. If the ‘Hawks can get their run game going down the stretch, I’d watch out.

Next up: at San Francisco

22. Houston Texans 5-7

Previously Ranked: 22

Week 13: 34-24 loss at Philadelphia

Gary Kubiak needs to be fired and replaced with a defensive-minded coach. Until that happens the Texans won’t be taken seriously.

Next up: Baltimore on Monday Night Football

21. Oakland Raiders 6-6

Previously Ranked: 23

Week 13: 28-13 win at San Diego

Big win for Tom Cable’s job security.

Next up: at Jacksonville

The Raiders can only play spoiler at this point. Not much of a chance of them making the postseason.

20. Miami Dolphins 6-6

Previously Ranked: 17

Week 13: 13-10 loss to Cleveland

You think the Dolphins need a quarterback? Chad Henne blew this one all by himself. He threw his third interception of the day inside the one-minute mark of fourth quarter with the game tied. Shortly after, the game became un-tied.

Miami has lost seven of their past eight home games and are a piss-poor 1-5 this season.

Next up: at New York Jets

The only thing the Dolphins have going for them is a 5-1 record on the road.

19. Minnesota Vikings 5-7

Previously Ranked: 21

Week 13: 38-14 win over Buffalo

Favre suffered a technical knockout early on but it didn’t stop Adrian Peterson and Sydney Rice reaching the end zone a combined fives times. The Vikings should ask for an in-season move to Los Angeles which would put them in the NFC West, where they’d be the class of the division.

Next up: New York Giants

Does anybody really care if Brett Favre plays again this season?

18. Cleveland Browns 5-7

Previously Ranked: 18

Week 13: 13-10 win at Miami

Just my luck Ben Watson catches ten balls for 100 yards and a touchdown the week I don’t start him. #rigged

The win fell into their lap, not much more to say.

Next up: at Buffalo

The Browns will win this game and move one step closer to .500 for the season. #writethatdown

17. St. Louis Rams 6-6

Previously Ranked: 16

Week 13: 19-6 win at Arizona

The Rams are back at .500 and on top of the NFC West. That’s freaking scary. New Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke must think Sam Bradford is worth every penny.

Next up: at New Orleans

Not a winnable game for the Rams. #justsayin

16. Dallas Cowboys 4-8

Previously Ranked: 19

Week 13: 38-35 OT win at Indianapolis

Since Jason Garrett took over, the Cowboys are 3-1 and haven’t scored less than 30 points in any of the four games. That’s a great building block if I’ve ever seen one.

Next up: Philadelphia on Sunday Night Football

Not sure the Cowboys will have an answer for Mike Vick.

15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7-5

Previously Ranked: 14

Week 13: 28-24 loss to Atlanta

The baby Bucs played like babies late in the fourth quarter against the Falcons. Want to know how long it takes to blow a season? The Bucs did it in about seven minutes.

Next up: at Washington

I hope the Bucs wear the creamsicles again.

14. Indianapolis Colts 6-6

Previously Ranked: 13

Week 13: 38-35 OT loss to Dallas

Poor Peyton Manning. Eleven picks in the last three games. Not good my friend. What is good is the fact that the Colts are only one game back of the Jaguars for the top spot in the AFC South.

Next up: at Tennessee

Hell will freeze over if Peyton throws three or more picks in this one. You heard it here first. #writethatdowntoo

13. San Diego Chargers 6-6

Previously Ranked: 8

Week 13: 28-13 loss to Oakland

Just when we thought the Chargers had turned it around they blow a monster game against the Raiders. So much for Norv Turner being undefeated in the month of December.

Next up: Kansas City

San Diego gave up 251 yards on the ground to the Raiders. And guess what? Jamaal Charles and Tom Jones are coming to town. They could put up 350 no questions asked.

12. Jacksonville Jaguars 7-5

Previously Ranked: 15

Week 13: 17-6 win at Tennessee

The Jags are 5-1 when Maurice Jones-Drew runs for 100 yards or more. He’s gone over 100 in five straight. If the Jags win the division, MJD should be in the conversation for MVP, right?

Next up: Oakland

11. Baltimore Ravens 8-4

Previously Ranked: 3

Week 13: 13-10 loss to Pittsburgh

Attn: Ray Rice

Joe Flacco cannot carry the team by himself. Please help ASAP. Thanks.

Next up: at Houston

The Ravens could struggle defending against Arian Foster, but then again, who hasn’t?

10. New York Jets 9-3

Previously Ranked: 5

Week 13: 45-3 loss at New England

Did the Jets finally show their true colors? Over the past few week they showed they were good enough to squeak past bad teams, but we learned Monday Night that the buck stops there.


Next up: Miami

The Dolphins aren’t a bad team when playing on the road. Rex Ryan can’t afford to let another one slip away.

9. New York Giants 8-4

Previously Ranked: 12

Week 13: 31-7 win over Washington

It clearly doesn’t matter who starts the game at running back for the Giants. Against the ‘Skins the unit rush for over 197 yards and had four scores. #NicelyDone

Next up: at Minnesota

If you believe in trap games, this is definitely one of them. The Vikings have won back-to-back games under interim head coach Leslie Frazier. Giants need to be careful not to slip up in Minny.

8. Kansas City Chiefs 8-4

Previously Ranked: 11

Week 13: 10-6 win over Denver

Dwayne Bowe pulled a disappearing act in the win over the Broncos. Figured I’d throw that out there since that’s been his M.O. in seasons past.

Next up: at San Diego

7. Green Bay Packers 8-4

Previously Ranked: 10

Week 13: 34-16 win over San Francisco

Aaron Rodgers has scored 12 touchdowns in the past four weeks. Can we please have multiple MVPs this year?

Next up: at Detroit

Here the Pack has a chance to take advantage of the Bears’ tough schedule. I’ll take at Detroit over home vs. New England any day of the week.

6. Philadelphia Eagles 8-4

Previously Ranked: 8

Week 13: 34-24 win over Houston

Mike Vick did it again. He finished with 350 total yards and three scores. #MVP?

Next up: at Dallas on Sunday Night Football

5. New Orleans Saints 9-3

Previously Ranked: 6

Week 13: 34-30 win at Cincinnati

Sean Peyton has big balls. Great call to go for it on fourth and two when a field goal would have sent it to overtime. Shows how much faith he has in the Sportsman of the Year.

Next up: St. Louis

4. Chicago Bears 9-3

Previously Ranked: 7

Week 13: 24-20 win at Detroit

It’s nice to finally see that Earl Bennett wasn’t a waste of a draft pick. Seven catches for 104 yards on eight targets is pretty impressive. What’s also impressive was the Bears’ conversion rate on third down–55%.

Next up: New England

If you live in a box you probably haven’t heard that this game was flexed to a 4:15PM EST start. Now we see what the Bears defense is really made of.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers 9-3

Previously Ranked: 4

Week 13: 13-10 win at Baltimore

It wasn’t pretty but he, neither is Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben played the game with a broken nose and a broken foot. One word comes to mind: warrior.

Next up: Cincinnati

Proceed with caution. This matchup screams letdown.

2. Atlanta Falcons 10-2

Previously Ranked: 2

Week 13: 28-24 win at Tampa Bay

A win yes, but a costly win it was. For three and a half quarters the Bucs dominated on both sides of the ball. Holes were exposed in the Falcons that will certainly make the next few games interesting. Something deep down tells me the Falcons will fall.

Next up: at Carolina

This won’t be the game they fall.

1. New England Patriots 10-2

Previously Ranked: 1

Week 13: 45-3 win over New York Jets

In the four games since the Patriots lost to the Browns, Tom Brady has thrown 13 touchdowns, zero interceptions and hasn’t had a QB rating lower than 117.4. Your MVP ladies and gentleman–Tom Brady.

Next up: at Chicago

Can’t imagine anything but Patriot win.

Don’t like my list? I want to hear from you! Share yours in the comments section below. Let’s discuss people! Have any mock headlines? Share those too.